Baume Restaurant: 201 S California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94306   (650) 328-8899

Wed-Thu 5:30 pm – 8:30 pmFri 5:30 pm – 9 pmSat 5 pm – 9 pm

The chef at Baume restaurant is Bruno Chemel. Baume currently has a two star Michelin restaurant. A great way to start of this fantastic dining experience is with their special martini with lilikoi pearls “Baume-tini.”

They offer a chef’s tasting menu dynamically prepared with seasonal ingredients.

The Menu Prestige (9 Course tasting menu) is offered at $188 per person for Wednesday to Saturday. That was what we had as shown in the pictures below. All prices service included. Wine pairings are available. Our wine corkage fee is $68.

They are OPEN for dinner Wednesday through Saturday.

They are CLOSED every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Hours of operation for dinner are the following:

Wednesday : 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Thursday : 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Friday : 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Saturday : 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Baume. Baume Baume_ Baume_1 Baume_2 Baume_3 Baume_4 Baume_5 Baume_6 Baume_7 Baume_8 Baume_9 Baume_10 Baume_11 Baume_12 Baume_13 Baume_14 Baume_15 Baume_16 Baume_17 Baume_Special Martini with Liliokoi Pearls

-excerpt from

Born and raised in Moulins, France, Chemel developed a keen interest for cooking at a young age. He credits both his parents for fostering his culinary passion – his mother for allowing him to watch, taste and learn at her elbow during the preparation of family meals, his father for allowing him to enjoy the finest flavors and subtle nuances of French gastronomy in some of the best restaurants of his native region.

After graduating from culinary school, Chemel earned his stripes in several Michelin-starred houses including Guy Savoy, Le Grand Vefour and Le Vivarois. He was convinced that rising as a person and as a chef would happen through international experience. In the span of a decade spent in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Honolulu, Dana Point and Palo Alto, California, he observed and perfected cooking techniques, especially the use of pristine ingredients and the creation of innovative combinations. He received several culinary accolades during this period including three stars from the New York Times while he was the Executive Chef at Le Chantilly in New York, as well as a Four Diamond rating and five stars from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences while he was the Executive Chef of Aqua at The St. Regis Monarch Beach Dana Point.
Chef-owner of Baume Restaurant, Chemel earned his first Michelin star in less than a year and second star the second year. He remains inspired by the rhythm of the seasons, by innovative ways to combine sustainably sourced fine ingredients, by zenlike Asian aesthetics and by attention to simple details in his everyday life.

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