Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Restaurant & Chappellet Wine Tasting and Tour

We spent a weekend in Napa during November of 2011. We got the weekend package which included reservations at Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc. Unfortunately, Ad Hoc was under construction at that time as you can see in the pictures. Instead, we went to Bouchon.  Luckily we had reservations because the wait here is ridiculously long. Food was good but not anything that I have to have again.

Bouchon_1 Bouchon_2 Bouchon_3 Bouchon_4 Bouchon_5 Bouchon_6 Chappellet Winery Tour Chappellet Winery Tour_1 Chappellet Winery Tour_2 Chappellet Winery Tour_3 Chappellet Winery Tour_4

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